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The word Bakshish or baksheesh comes from the Persian [1], where بخشش it is written, and means as much as gift or present. It is in the Islamic world in the original sense a kind of alms. This includes financial support. Religion expected by rich believers to share some of their assets or income to poorer.

Tourists enter baksheesh in Islamic countries in general in the sense of gratuity for services or favors.

The concept of baksheesh has been adopted in India. Both here and in Arab countries it is common to speed by the administration of baksheesh administrative tasks or to obtain a special favor.

In German-speaking baksheesh is a colloquial term for bribery.

Baksheesh for most Egyptians is a vital resource, you should not tip it in the European sense as understood. Please give baksheesh, if you were satisfied with the service, one has to rely on the wages are very, very low. Enter baksheesh will not at the end of your trip, little gifts of friendship and good service!
Our request:
Enter NO EURO COINS as baksheesh / tip! So no one can do something, because the banks and the Post, none, possible, the coins of any currency into Egyptian pounds (EGP) to exchange with! Exchangerather have a few euros in the local currency (EGP) to obtain, or a few dollar bills! How much you give is up to you. In the hotel we have every day or every other EGP 1.00 to 5.00 on the pillow. Outside, as the leader in the riding, we offer around 20.00 EGP for about 1-2 hours, which works out at about € 2.50 - that's nothing, right? Thank you and have a pleasant and relaxing stay in Luxor!

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