Horses, Camels, Donkeys!

Retrieved from "Scrubs" to "professional" - for everyone and of course, all rides can be organized individually. A knowledgeable local guide rides with you always and if you've been there more often and were knowledgeable, you can of course ride out alone. We have three proposals prepared for you: Excursions and other Things to do.

Welcome new "Prince"

Welcome "Nesma"

"Nesma" (Morningbreeze) ~ 08.11.2012 ~ Egyptian Arabian mare ~ abt. 7 years ~ (not for rent)

Welcome "Sultan"


"Sultan" stallion *04.04.2011 - 20.15h


"Prince" - In Memoriam


Beloved and unforgettable stallion "Prince" *1996 ~ +2011 ~ Farewell my faithful friend ~


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