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Roberts Awarded Five Times at EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival?

September 20, 2017 Solvang, California: As Monty Roberts readies himself to tour from October to December demonstrating his Join-Up® techniques to audiences across Europe, he made a side trip to Montana for the Equus International Film Festival (think Sundance Film Festival in Aspen, but everything about equestrian). Roberts was there to accept the Equine Icon Award from […]

Monty Roberts Shares the Story of the Spanish Riding School

Solvang, CA, August 31, 2017:  Even world-famous horse trainers can be awed by opportunities when they recognize a chance of a lifetime. At 82, while on tour in Europe, Monty Roberts received an invitation to demonstrate his methods of Join-Up® in the famous school on the 2nd July, 2017 in Vienna. Horsemanship Radio asked Roberts to share his experience in a special […]

Does it matter what words you use with your horse?

Monty’s Answer: Dear Gale, Thank you for asking the question regarding horses and how they process words and or sounds. Please be aware that I am fully in favor of all of the statements made by our online student, Kiki, below who took the Monty?s Challenge and sent her answer in. She gives us a […]

Life Lessons at the Upcoming Monty Roberts Special Training

  July 17, 2017 Solvang, California: Come and discover what horses have to teach us about lowering stress, and building trust at the Monty Roberts Special Training to be held at Flag Is Up Farms, in Solvang, California, from July 30- August 4, 2017. ?This intensive five-day training is the perfect environment for connecting with […]

Monty Roberts Recognized by EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival®

June 30, 2017 Solvang, California: As Monty Roberts travels to Vienna to demonstrate his Join-Up® techniques to an audience inside one of the oldest, most traditional equestrian programs on earth, The Spanish Riding School in Austria, he accepted another invitation to accept the Equine Icon Award from Janet Rose and the Equus International Film Festival in Missoula […]

Monty Roberts

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