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Luxorstables organizes horseback and camel riding tours around Luxor by Arabian Horses, Camels or Donkeys. Whether galloping through the desert or a romantic ride through the countryside in the evening light of Luxor: Luxorstables, this is your partner! - our presentation

Nobi Arabian Horses Stables (Luxorstables) is a well experienced, traditional and since generations established riding stable in Luxor. Best stables in town, equipped with Egyptian Arabian horses, donkeys and camels. The barn is located on the west bank of Luxor in Geziret El Bairat side, within walking distance from the public pier. From the most of your holiday hotels you can use a water taxi that picks you up on time and returns you again, price upon request, check out the video Nobi + Crew. From here you can start excursions on horseback, on camel or a donkey into the beautiful wild nature and the impressive landscape or pay a visit of the desert. If you prefer, you also can use a donkey cart to do the excursions. On request we can pick you up from any place hassle free, also by our motorboat "Titanic" .

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Luxor is also called the city of palaces. With about 487,000 inhabitants (2010) and it is located on the east bank of the Nile and in turn can have many attractions. Many mosques, museums and archaeological sites invite you to visit. You can also just relax on the Nile, or take a tour of present thereon. Luxor has so much to offer! Luxor can be viewed with a rich array of cultural sites and the links with the international airport as a hub of the region.

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from public ferry/landing pier (Westbank) to Luxorstables
approx. 550 m - walking distance about 7 minutes

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