About Us

Luxor Stables is a local, family run business offering guided horse, camel and donkey rides to tourists. We are located in the village of Gezira on the West Bank of the Nile in Luxor. We have been in business since 1995 and so have a great deal of experience and local knowledge, offering you a variety of safe and enjoyable riding excursions, no matter what your age or experience.
We also offer full livery/board for horses to those who spend more time in Luxor and wish to keep their own horses with us.

Our Vision

Egypt is a developing country and the role of horses and donkeys is quite different from that in the developed world. We aim to keep our horses in the best possible conditions, with appropriate feeding, shoeing, veterinary attention and freedom of movement. We try to maintain a good balance of work, rest and exercise for each individual horse. We would like to be seen as an example of good practice in Egypt and thus drive the standards of equine welfare up.
In offering our equine based holidays we would like our guests to experience managing and riding their own designated horse for a week, enjoy the wonderful scenery and culture, acquire an insight into daily rural life in Luxor and learn about keeping horses in a different country.


Nobi is the owner and manager of the stables. He has been in role since 1995. He worked and trained in a German-French-Egyptian stable, which was the first stable in Luxor. This is where he learned to manage horses in the European way. Nobi is responsible for the overall management of every aspect of the stables. He is married with four children.


Mamdoh is our chief guide and stable hand. Mamdoh has many years experience working with tourists and with horses. If you are a complete beginner Mamdoh will soon have you riding competently and confidently  and if you are already an experienced rider, Mamdoh’s local knowledge will ensure that you have a really enjoyable excursion, taking in the breath-taking sights in the desert or the mountains or along the Nile. A true professional, Mamdoh is undoubtedly the best guide in Luxor.

Our Stable Boys

We have a team of stable boys who look after the animals and accompany the camel trips on foot.


Our admin assistant speaks English and German.