Privacy and Confidentiality


In order to complete your booking and in the interests of your safety it is necessary that you share some personal details with us. We will treat this information with strict confidence, but from time to time it might be necessary that we share it with a third party provider, for example a hotel or restaurant. This will be strictly on a “need to know” basis.
Please be aware of the following:
– It is important to declare any medical conditions when you book.
– We may email you from time to time with offers or news about the stables. Please let us know if you do not
want this.
– Your private information will not be shared with third parties other than those involved with service
suppliers for your holiday and then on a strictly need to know basis.
– All electronic records will be deleted after your holiday, with the exception of your name and email address.
– All paper records will be destroyed after your holiday.

We like to post photos and videos on our social media sites such as Facebook and our website. Please indicate on your booking form and also when you are with us in person if you do not want us to do this. This applies also to any minors who are in your group for whom you have responsibility.