Hi. I am Bahiya and my name means “Beauty”.  I am a 15 hh sorrel mare and I was born in around 2008. I have been at the stables for about 9 years. I am owned by a female human called Jenny who comes from a place called England. Jenny has owned me since 2015.

Before I came to Luxor Stables I was used as a “dancing horse.” This means that male humans tied my legs together with chains and made me dance up and down on the spot in front of very noisy drums and trumpets. I had to travel on the back of a truck to get to festivals. I didn’t like this life and so I decided that if I did it badly enough they would stop using me in this way. They did, and I was sold to Luxor Stables. I still have the scars on my lower legs from the chains and I sometimes get upset when I see horses being loaded onto trucks.

Because of my past life and the pain inflicted on me by men and boys, I was very angry and frightened when I came to the stables and I used to strike out at the boys. They were frightened of me. After about a year at the stable Jenny came along and rode me one day. I knew I could trust her and we had a lovely ride together and after that Jenny and I became partners. Jenny has shown me that humans can be kind and I am now the most experienced horse in the stables and anyone from beginners to experienced riders can ride me. I am not frightened of people any more. I am also really good at helping the new horses to settle into their work as nothing fazes me when we are out riding and I don’t bother about them If they mess around at first, until they know what they are doing .

I am the lead mare of the herd and all the other horses on the paddocks do as I tell them, which basically means they let me have the best food first. I am very friendly and gentle with people but I am quite happy alone in the paddock, but the other horses always come and stand with me. At the moment I am on a paddock with Dahab, who is quite feisty, so I keep her in check.

My favourite activities are eating and being groomed. The first time Jenny brushed my mane was just lovely. I’d never experienced anything like that before! And she gave me carrots after our ride, so I always look for carrots now after she has taken my tack off.