Dahab (privately owned)

 I am a 13.3hh chestnut mare with four white socks. I was born in about 2017 and I have beautiful Arabian features. Before I came to the stable I was not very well treated and it has taken me a little while to get used to being handled, brushed and tacked up. My mum is kind but firm with me and I am getting much better at these things now. I love being ridden and I have been learning all sorts of things in the school. I can rein back, move sideways, trot and walk all to the voice. I love going out on rides too, although I am still a bit worried if I have to go in front sometimes. I am very relaxed and safe behind other horses and am safe for children and light weight adults.

I live on the paddock with Bahiya. I have learned to be careful around her as she can be a bit bossy, especially when there is food around.