My name is Malika but the female human who owns me calls me Mally. I’m a 15.3hh beautiful bay mare. I was born in 2018 and I came to the stables in April 2021. We are all excited because I am expecting to have a foal in February. 

My owner bought me for Mamdoh to ride and also for the guests. At the moment I am not doing heavy or fast work because of my “delicate condition”.

I am a very playful, gentle and quiet character and settled into the stables  very quickly. I soon learned to go out on all our routes with Bahiya and I am laid-back and not frightened of anything. I don’t like getting my feet wet though!

I love all the horses and humans at the stable and always come over to say hello. I like to rest my chin on my owner’s shoulder and blow into her face.

At the moment I don’t like my back legs being touched as people put chains round them where I used to live, and this hurt me. My owner is helping me by stroking my back legs with a glove tied to a stick. I am getting used to this except the other day I tried to eat the stick.

Update. I had a beautiful foal called Gazalle in January.